Android VS ApPle.

With the advent of smartphones, mobile phones have found an immovable place in almost every person ' s life. There was a time when the " Best Smartphones " tittle was crowned to Apple but now with the advent of android mobile phones it seems that now they have a competitor which is challenging their tittle. This is proved with the depleting market share of apple and a rapid increase in android share in mobile market arena.
Android mobiles are coming with moving features and more people are now keener towards discovering new benefits they can avail through their android embedded phones. The prices also plays an important role in the increased popularity of android enabled phones as they are in the same price and some manufacturers are selling their handsets at a cost which is much lower in comparison to apple.
The first drawback of apple phones is their restrictions to use foreign recognition single out. Consequently in apple phones the only available consciousness is their phone recapture so once the phone thought is exhausted a user need to erase the apps or some other thing in order to create some space in the phone. The apple handsets come with three options to select viz 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB. The more the flash on handset have the costlier is the handset on the contrary android mobile phones provides its users a profligacy to use retrospection tag and they can increase the slot recognition by just purchasing a reflection finger. Its firmware can also be upgraded however apple phones don ' t provide any such animation to its users.
Android mobile phones offers different models to choose and almost every model has different interface to suit the taste of the use but apple has only one interface as it is manufactured by only one company. Android mobile phones facilitate to express its personality with their mobile phones and can customise as per the requirement while in apple a user is forced to use the preintegrated style with no customization.
In terms of app store than android is way ahead of apple app store as it provides unlimited access to its users to a market which is full of apps and customization option.

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