apple iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy S2

 Even with the onslaught of Apple iPhone 4, Android mobile phones stood tall in the crowd. Never the less to say Galaxy S2 is well known for its elegance and glossy look. It comes packed with powerful applications, its size and compactness makes it simply slip into your pocket. It has latest Android OS onboard which helps you to access thousands of applications which is not available with Apple iphone4. You can find out some of the differences between the rivals based upon their design, display, Operating System, etc.


 Both Galaxy S2 and iPhone4 are well known for their stylishness and glossy look. Galaxy S2 is lighter than Apple iPhone 4 with the weight of 116gms. When you takings it into consideration the size, Galaxy S2 and wins the game as it is the slimmest phone. You can tender move it anywhere, charter it be share business contest or for voyage.

 Showdown: Galaxy S2 is the best companion to be carried anywhere.


 Samsung Galaxy S2 sports a 4. 2 inch AMLOED Incorruptibility display and it gives best income in terms of digression and display quality. You can watch videos or movies with grand quality in its big hush up and it also gives you surprises while playing games with blazing graphics.

 On the other hand Apple iPhone 4 has a 3. 5 inch retina display which looks glossy and it is also resistant to scratch.

 Decision: Samsung Galaxy S2 gets the vote as its hold back is larger and crisper than its competitor.


 Galaxy S2 features a 1. 2 GHz processor while iPhone 4 has a 1GHz processor. S 2 uses an ARM ' s Cortex A8 processor now Apple uses its own A4 processor.

 Selection: Futile to say Apple ' s processor is powerful, but with the competition inveigh its rival, Galaxy S2 wins the game.


 Samsung Galaxy comes pre - war-horse with an 8 megapixel camera, however it lacks an antagonistic shake filter and other modern features. It also has a front conflicting camera to fashion disc calls. Apple sports a 5 megapixel camera and also has a VGA camera for recording chats and taking self portraits.

 Outcome: Galaxy S 2 further wins as it has higher pixel camera which provides crisp images.

 Operating System

 Galaxy S2 runs on the cutting edge OS of Google Android 2. 3 and is also dressed up with Samsung ' s TouchWiz 4. 0 UI feature. Android is popular for multitasking operations and it also supports various applications. iPhone 4 runs on the latest iOS 4 which has definite features to pin money wall themes and different audio controllers allows you to equalize detail music or songs.

 Determination: Eventhough S2 ' s Android OS is powerful, iPhone 4 rocks here as it has thousands of applications to access.

 Overall Determination:

 It is hard to compare both these mobile phones, it certainly a tough fight but as of now Galaxy S2 wins the game with favor from Android which is a free open source. Apple is currently working to improve its OS and features.

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