PowerPoint vs Flash Presentations

 Making presentations is an everyday practice in modern business and a great way to address people and deliver your ideas in visual form. There are many tools on the market which are used to make these presentations. But two of the most common tools are PowerPoint which is a part of Microsoft Office suite, and Flash which is the most widely used animation software on the internet.

 Previously, presentations were only made in PowerPoint which is of course the pioneer in this regard, but now with too much - changing technology and new applications coming in, Flash has come a major artist in this field. PowerPoint is the most widely used software for business presentations and is very popular because of its ease of use. PowerPoint comes up with a lot of built in predefined features and templates to jumping-off place with. It ' s easy to make presentations with a inwardness of your own choice and you can also use topic, graphics, and videos to support your presentation. It also allows some eye - proceeds effects that can be suitable to text as well as graphics to make the presentation more attractive and effective.
 Some of the limitations of PowerPoint are that you can ' t work a lot with animations and can only make the presentation interactive to a certain extent. PowerPoint presentations are easier to make even for a apprentice with basic erudition of Office. From selection backgrounds to adding issue and applying effects, it is such a simple step - by - step red tape that one can make a presentation within few memoir.
 Flash is one of the most widely used software for animation and design on the internet. Many websites made these days contains content made with Flash whether they are ad banners, keep bars or even the full website. Flash is now also being used to make presentations for all purposes. Unlike a PowerPoint presentation, a Flash presentation can be more interactive, attractive and more spacious
 Flash presentations are difficult to make because these are custom made presentation for specific needs and obligation a lot more work to make one. On the other hand they are more interactive and more eye - take when compared to PowerPoint presentations. The main argument with Flash presentation is that they are not simple to make as only a Flash expert can make a presentation in Flash. This makes it more time consuming but after all the product can hereafter be more powerful and more attractive.

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