Sony NEX-5 SLR Digital Camera

 Sony NEX - 5 is Sony ' s first mirrorless interchangeable - lens system camera and it is also the thinnest one. Sony NEX - 5 had a fantastic shape and strong performance with Sony ' s excellent industrial design capabilities. The thinnest part is just 24. 2mm, and inside the slim body a 23. 4mm × 15. 6mm of Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor has been embedded. It is no exaggeration to say the image quality of Sony NEX - 5 is no different with the SLR.

 Exquisite workmanship, the thinnest SLR
 Sony NEX - 5 features exquisite and super slim appearance that charter a person caress admiringly tender. The device is endowed with an APS - C CMOS Sensor with 14. 2 megapixels. What is more, Sony NEX - 5 features extremely powerful video shooting performance, which supports 1080i Full HD stereo video capture with real - time auto center.
 The body frame of Sony NEX - 5 is made of high quality metal materials and complete body accented with blameless workmanship in details. Although compact digital camera should be small than SLR, the super thin body of Sony NEX - 5 is beyond my expectation. The body size and breadth of the device even can comparable with ordinary compact digital camera and the hand - tied grip experience is loaded than expected a lot.

 E - mount can fit the lens
 Lenses can be instructed via the new E mount system, but the NEX cameras can also use regular Sony Alpha lenses via the chance LA - EA1 adapter. In the UK the Sony NEX - 5 costs £549 body only, £579 with the 18 - 55mm f / 3. 5 - 6. 3 equipment lens or £679 with the 18 - 55mm f / 3. 5 - 6. 3 and 16mm f / 2. 8 lenses. In the US the NEX - 5 ships with the 18 - 55mm f / 3. 5 - 6. 3 utensils lens for $700 or the 16mm f / 2. 8 lens for $650.

 Excellent dust removal system
 The most striking widget on Sony NEX - 5 ' s fuselage is a huge brochure E - mount lens mount, and inside the lens mount, you can make out an APS - C size of Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor without module barrier in front of the presentation, it appears that Sony is very confident in its own dust removal system.

 Rotatable Xtra Fine LCD screen
 At the back of Sony NEX - 5 slim body is a top - trimmed display, which can be lunatic and this Xtra Fine LCD with 920, 000 - pixel LCD screen in size of 3 inches, on which latent with weak - reflective coating,

 Well commensurate mind's eye media
 On the side of Sony NEX - 5, Sony set USB data interface and HDMI interface. In the retentiveness peg, the device can support its own branded consciousness stick Tried Duo and can also use the SD pinpoint. In the aptitude supply, SONY NEX - 5 powered by a 1080Ma Lithium - ion battery.

 Fair and user - neighborly grub
 Sony NEX - 5 comes with the most marvelous and user - peaceful cookery that l have too much seen. We can discern easy - to - get confabulation explanation on each take out page. Meanwhile, Sony NEX - 5 set beauteous illustrations in each scene mode actuality. All the nuances of design are headlighting Sony ' s product with high quality and equivalent.

 Excellent panorama scanning function
 Scanning the panorama function is not new, many of Sony ' s own compact digital camera come along this side, hire ' s say Sony TX7 flagship compact camera, which cancapture a consummate size of 7152x1080 photo shoot with panorama scanning function. However, Sony NEX - 5 is considered a powerful exception an I opine firmly that its scanning comprehensive performance may completely beyond your imagination. So it is easy to shoot high quality panorama shoot up to 12416× 1856 pixel in super wide size with this metier and it is easy to showboat those develop ' s shocking response if you mark them on your PC or HD devices.

 Powerful move negative - shake mode
 Besides the panorama scanning shooting mode, SONY NEX - 5 also comes with a appropriate shoot mode, called the act dissentient - shake mode. We can easy access to clear and low uproar photos with this mode. In the situation of dim unclouded, if you want to arouse a photo in regular exposure, in addition to a large aperture lenses, you also obligation a longer exposure time, while in the slow shutter speeds, it is easy for trembling of the hands or moving objects, which finish in a unintelligible photo. Just in this plight, Sony NEX - 5 will use a high speed high - speed continuously shoot six photos and the final photo is the singleness of 6 that is clear and in low din and the clamour with the vim Adverse - Shake mode. In a word, Sony NEX - 5 weak - shake mode of shooting should be affirmed.

 1080i HD video record and auto seat.
 Sony NEX - 5 not only has the capability of shooting high quality image, but also excellent in video capture as SLR - class devices, and I regard its powerful performance of HD video cd will never rent you down. Sony NEX - 5 has a Full HD 1080i video tape capabilities in AVCHD format, which features small size for a immense advantage in storage. Not only that, Sony NEX - 5 also supports real - time auto focal point, which is the killer features of Sony NEX - 5 that we can ' t find in other SLR.

 Sony NEX - 5 is the world ' s thinnest SLR digital camera, which features the interchangeable - lens. The gadget fitted with a APS - C size Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 14. 2 megapixel. Sony NEX - 5 is endowed with a rotatable HD LCD screen that supports 1080p Full HD stereo video capture, and real - time auto target. Sony NEX - 5 smooth shooting at up to 7fps, action stabilization and panorama scanning function is also very excellent. Sony NEX - 5 features super slim body and powerful shooting and video record performance, which may be a favorable choice for the consumer who meeting place on the requirement of a bad portability and powerful shooting performance on a digital camera.

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