Types of Wires being used for Network Cabling !!!

 Nowadays, network cabling is being used in almost each and every organization having more than five computer systems at its premises. Apart from offices, it is also being used in residential buildings to connect various network devices with ease. There are various reasons why people started using structured cabling to connect their devices, but the most important one is the need of speedy data transfer. By using it, companies have been able to cut down the time consumed in sharing and transferring data from one point to another. And, there are various types of cables which are being used all over the world to lay down the best possible network cabling infrastructure in
organizations. Each and every wire that can be used for this work has a specific purpose and functionality. Fibre cable is the one which is used extensively in networking in order to transmit data and information at a very high speed. This sort of cable is made up of optical fibers, which are covered with plastic to safeguard them. Fiber optic cable is not just used for computer networking, but also to connect audio devices, as it transmits high quality audio signal. Then comes coaxial cable, and usually it has a core made of a conductive material and three layers of insulation, a metal shield and a protective layer of plastic. This data cabling is not only used for the networking in computers, but also used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas for distributing cable television signals etc. Patch Cables are used exclusively in the computer world, and this name refers to optical cables as well as electrical cables. It is used for the purpose of signal routing, which includes routing data from Internet to a computer or between two or more computers on a network. These service cable allow network technicians to monitor a number of different connections at the same time, and it is considered as an ideal choice for offices which need multiple connections for certain devices. Ethernet network cable is one of the forms of patch cable, which is used to connect computers with each other directly, via router or network switch, or through a hub. A few varieties of this cable are also available in the market, which are used to connect some other devices. People who are interested in buying any of these cables are advised to ensure their devices’ compatibility before making any payments.

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