1. Understanding Clubbing
Clubbing is a typical Australian slang term meaning a young world a nuanced freedom, expressive, modern, technological society, hedonist, konsumeristik and metropolis that promises all the excitement sasaat (Prime, 2004). Through clubbing young feel particularly self-discovery, there they could be "berjingkrak-jingkrak" sebebasnya, sipped alcohol and drugs, giggling until the morning, then came home in a State of jazzed and achieve. Through clubbing them could find a community of bergaulnya. Simply clubbing is just having fun, just a rah-rah and requires a lot of money

Clubbing is really identical with the metropolitan community life. Not only become part of the lifestyle, but also be a means of socializing, even doing the lobbying business. First clubbing is always associated with the music that can make people stamping dissolved in the atmosphere. As the development of the times, clubbing experienced many shifts because not everyone likes that kind of music. Essentially a tire of the scene is no longer the main attraction. Many entertainment venues in Jakarta left the concept of the discotheque and switch on the concept of the Restaurant and lounge that turned out more exciting consumers age 25-35 years. The presence of a Restaurant and lounge are scattered in Jakarta does not mean roll tikarnya some places that are really designed for hobby melantai accompanied music a DJ

The number of nightspots keeps growing. Saturation the market makes the offer the concept must be different from those already in operation. HL is one of the favorite clubbers clubbing in Jakarta, the night-night clubbers especially when discotime starts at 11 pm the night tenpat is always crowded. The businessman entertainment is very clever to entice clubbers by providing diverse facilities that became a trend setter for the night society, for example, by freeing the women charge a cover charge and letting them fully to women clubbing coming quickly become unmanageable and men will be baited to come in place. In addition to providing free flow of vodka and champagne for ladies all night (the gives drinking vodka and champgne for women throughout the night).
Indigenous peoples and traditions of the past really been replaced with the development of a world that is growing rapidly. With the sophistication of knowledge and technology industrialisme. The West managed to merangsak the peoples of the East (especially lined up Islam) with its own by the colours of Western culture that contrasts with morality and religiosity of the East. For example with the fashion trend that show off aurat, knocks his music that stimulates the omission of God, the Association of the free pamper orgasm Satan to means-means of technological society in need of social solidarity. All products promoted by the mass is actually a new form of colonialism or neo-kolonisme. Ironically, most of us especially the clubbing completely unaware of threats of morality and dignity of the invasion, thus establishing themselves as the worshippers and slave of colonialism capitalism is in accordance with the ideology they just having fun.
Based on explanation above can be inferred that the clubbing is an activity to come and enjoy the atmosphere, suguhan entertainment, food and drink in places of entertainment evening with freedom, expressive, modern, technological society, hedonist, konsumeristik and metropolis that promises all the excitement of a moment.

2. the perpetrator Clubbing
The majority of the young generation is the clubbers who have a fairly good socio-economic status. It looks from the needs of the material that sustains the activity a clear need funds clubbing extra. Starting from the selection of branded clothing, property, vehicle, up to the clubbing itself (Prime. 2004).
In addition according to Susanto (2001), the consumer or the perpetrators clubbing it not only the young generation which notabennya as a student and the student, but young executives, entrepreneurs-successful entrepreneurs, even housewives have also become the principal clubbing.
Based on explanation above can be inferred that the perpetrators of that majority comes from the clubbing of the younger generation, the young executives, entrepreneurs-successful businessman and housewives also exist which do clubbing.

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