Grand Canyon

 The Grand Canyon is a Canyon in the world. Its shape can be seen on the Colorado River, North of Arizonia. The country is one of the wonders of the world and most are in the Grand Canyon National Park, which is the first National Park in the United States. The Canyon was carved by the Colorado River flow derasnya that cut the Strait for millions of years. The Canyon has a length of about 449 km, 29 km, width and depth of approximately 1. 6000 m.

 Historically, the Grand Canyon was first discovered Europeans in 1540. A formerly Gracia Lopez de Cardenas who came from Spain. in the dilatory 1870s untrue the first expedition led by sizable United States, John Wesley Powwel. He mentions coextensive as the sedimentary rock of the Canyon " leaves in the book the story of ". However, long before this period, the Canyon was used as the residence of the native Americans, the Indians.

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