'iCloud' Mac OS X Lion dan iOS 5 from apPle

 Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Monday announced a new " iCloud " service that allows any Apple product owners can store documents and music on the Internet, not on their own computer drive or cell phone.

 iCloud expands mist computing trends, which refers to the concept that computer users can cache added of their dossier " in the smog " or the Internet quite than on their drive because storage media.

 All Apple devices allied because iPhones, iPads and Macs - - can terhububung wireless eclipse iCloud Apple. Services that concede users to access the latest photos, documents, applications, calendar and e - mail wherever they are, not contracted to a particular gadget.

 " We see this ( the service ) would serve excessive, " says Jobs, Apple CEO who own undergone medical since January.

 Unfortunately, it has some limitations.

 iCloud keeps a photo of tried 30 days, and storage devices moving store 1000 latest photos. Users can individual save the 5 gigabyte document, bearings some of the competitors operate.

 And to ally the music that was not purchased from the Apple iTunes store, users retain to earnings Apple for $ 25 per era.

 Jobs says all comp iCloud service unless there is additional music.

 " This is the basic life, we espy the music industry, " he uttered.

 Consumers can exercise iTunes from iCloud first off, but if they retain the IOS saga 4. 3. Other new attributes will correspond to available in the fall.

 The service that replaced the aged Apple MobileMe product, which cost 99 dollars per while. Apple says the mode of back - up iCloud will perform each trick and automatically when the device is connected to the Internet via Wi - Fi.

 Extensive technology players equal for Amazon and Google, owing to hale now smaller companies homologous over Dropbox, ad hoc operate a smog storage service cache frequent make-up.

 Amazon created a buzz in Step when it announced the haze music actor.

 Normally, Apple uses the Konferense Developers all over the apple or WWDC, to announce the latest folktale of the iPhone.

 But not this ticks ( the iPhone ).

 " If the device kerasa is brain... our product, the software is their souls. And today, we ' ll chat about the software, " uttered Jobs before the cattle call rushed fatiguing a uniform standard on a turtleneck and jeans sombre imitation.

 Analyst predicts iPhone latest in September.

 In addition to iCloud, Apple on Monday announced the latest sequel of the operating system.

 Mac OS Endearment Lion, an operating system for Apple ' s latest laptop computers and desktop, will buy for available attached time for $ 30, the company spoken.

 The latest operating system that encompasses " gestures " that makes computer performance is fresh consistent a capsule and touch shield phone.

 " If anyone doubted the convergence of iOS and OS Butterfly, treatment the trackpad to convince you. Parallel to the pellet. But I wonder how continued it took for familiarising it? " writes Gizmodo in the living blog, which began at 1 p. m local interval.

 A new news of Apple ' s expressive operating system iOS 5, which will speak for out this fall to introduce the system warning for iPhones and iPads.

 A " Score Meeting place " set up the warning by the application, and the warning that appears at the top of the blot out position they can juicy cut dead it. Currently, the mark appears in the middle of the disguise and the user was annoyed.

 Expressive operating system again integrates blot out Twitter, which allows the user to mentweet photos from the camera application and Maps.

 " We hunger all our customers supplementary soft in using Twitter, " uttered Apple ' s Scott Forstall on Employee incident in San Francisco.

 A new application called " Reminders " lets users produce to - operate lists, and amend it to the iPhone and iPad email system that lets people organize a message in bold or italics, since wholesome thanks to encrypt the messages that they guide from mobile devices.

 The Debut of iOS 5 also menwarkan application iMessage. Smuggle it, users of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can lug issue messages, photos and videos to each other for for love astray having to fee postage.

 Research in Mobility ( RIM ) has a consonant aspect called BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ), which is absolutely popular among owners of moving phones.

 Application developers have been selling software corresponding to iOS and other platforms, and services that would symbolize popular considering it allows iPhone users to contact the Android phones.

 The latest Camera application lets people proceeds photos by pressing the house up on the iPad or iPhone.

 The camera application also allows users to edit photos briskly, the simulation texture under consideration available from lousy with interrogatory - coming-out application developers.

 IOS updates will perform available for the least day " through the cloud, " meaning that users do not need to synchronize their devices with the desktop computer of han

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