Benefits of avocado fruit is versatile

Avocado or avocados is derived from the Aztec language i.e. ahuacatl. The fruit is indeed derived from the area where the Aztec tribe that originated in the area of Central America and Mexico. This fruit is initially introduced by Martín Fernández de Enciso, one of the leaders of the army of Spain, in 1519 to the people of Europe. At the same time also, the army of Spain which colonize Central America also introduced the cacao, corn and potatoes to the community of Europe. Since that is the fruit of the avocado or avocados began to spread out and are known by many of the world's population.

Tips On How To Pick The Fruit Of The Avocado
When you go to the market to buy avocados, never judge matangnya an avocado from the color of his skin. If the fruit of the avocado you meet older or brownish colored, not necessarily those of avocado fruit has matured. Try a little avocado fruit is pressed. If feels more lenient means the fruit is ripe.

Benefits Of Avocado
Almost every part of the avocado tree has its benefits. Avocado tree wood is useful as a fuel. Acorns and leaves can be used in the clothing industry. Skin of the tree can be used to dye Brown on products made from the skin.

In the field of beauty, avocado fruit is also often used as a facial mask. The fruit is considered capable of making the skin more toned. Avocado fruit is also beneficial for the treatment of hair creambath, for example when performing.

In addition, as a fruit, avocados are also of course can be enjoyed as a delicious meal. A variety of dishes served by adding avocado as part of the dish.

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