Insurance Policy

Thorough going insurance policy

Basically insurance policies created on the basis of proposals submitted by insurance agents and insurance request letter you content.

For it below are some tips that you can use to understand the policy you have.

1. make sure your contents insurance policy according to which you agreed on in the life insurance request letter.

This description can be read on the front pages or a summary of the insurance policy. In this section, you can read the insurance product you purchased, large sum assured, coverage start date, duration of insurance periods, large premium payment, it is also the name of the insured and the name of the policy holder.

2. is there a clause "free look" period ".

On the insurance policy with this clause, you as policyholders are given the opportunity by the insurance company to read the contents of the policy thoroughly. If the policy is not to your liking, the policy can be returned to the insurer and premiums you have paid will be refunded.

3. read the general terms of insurance policies thoroughly.

In this section, you can read your rights and obligations as the holder of the insurance policy. For example, your obligation to pay a premium and what sanctions should be your responsibility as a result of late or non-dibayarnya premium. The right to benefit insurance in the wake of the risk of being placed.

* As well as rights and obligations of the insurance company as responsible. For example the obligation of the company to pay the claim submitted by the insurance policy holder or beneficiary. The right company to enforce loan premium automatically due to the reason.

* There are also free or facilities during the grace period. The freely given by the company to anticipate a delay in the payment of a premium. The insurance policy preminya unpaid after the due date of payment until term limits freely, will still be covered if there is a risk in that period. Long time banking is typically ranges from 30 to 60 days.

* See also chapter exceptions on the General provisions of this insurance policy. In part this exception, you can read some of the things excluded which resulted in benefits is not paid.

* Is there a special provision for the product you purchased. Some insurance products have special specification so that needs to be poured in a special provision. For example you buy additional accident insurance products, provisions specific to these products shall be attached separately.

* Do insurance request letter copy attached. In General a copy of this letter is attached in the insurance policy, because the demand for life insurance is a basic issue of the insurance policy.

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