Problem with Sound in my Windows 7 Dell Computer..

 It ' s been quite a long time since I purchased my Dell Inspiron 1420. The laptop has been working fine for months and I didn ' t face even a single problem using it. Since my Dell laptop had come preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Premium, I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 on a techie friend ' s suggestion ( who told me a lot about Windows 7 features ).

 It was day before yesterday, when I upgraded my PC to Windows 7. Lavish to say that my techie friend was closest me to help me out of any subject that may arise during upgrade. Good lord, I cognition, I wouldn ' t have been able to do it myself. The upgrading part went smoothly. My techie friend downloaded and installed latest drivers for my router and printer to work. Article seemed general beside I restarted my computer exclude that it gave no sound. Usually, you hear a sound when the Windows loads.
 However, there was no sound, my friend checked that no headphones were connected that may have blocked the sound from playing. He checked the sound icon in the system tray, it wasn ' t mute. Still there was no sound. He tried playing a song to check if it helps, but it was to no avail.
 He checked the sound find, uninstalled and reinstalled the new sound drivers for it, but no thing seemed to make the sound work. My Dell laptop remained silent as if it was moan about being upgraded to Windows 7. Completely frustrated over what ' s happening, he and I decided to check the Dell specialist Support forums and articles that may help my laptop rupture its silence.
 We googled around many tech communities and tried all the possible solutions, but, nix worked on my Dell laptop. Repenting over my determination to upgrade, I decided to take my laptop to a local Dell repair shop. It was when my friend suggested me to check out the services of V tech - squad, Inc. that he is a subscriber to.
 Initially, I was not ready as I don ' t hope any Dell practical support company for that matter. Furthermore, I was infant scared of spending capital on tech agents that can ' t even be seen or subject tied for if concern goes mishandled. Scams, frauds, I have heard a lot about them. Whatever, I am not stir for any such company, I told my friend. He then assured me that he is an active subscriber to V tech - squad services, and has even had problems in the past that were all fixed by their agents. The prices are even lower than what a local repair shop is rush to charge to fix the problem.
 Reluctantly, I decided to call the V tech - squad services on their excise - free number ( I found it on the website that my friend made me go through ). I reached a husky tongue board who listened to my problem patiently and offered bequest plans to get the practical support services. Besides reluctantly, I chose a 5 incident - based plan for $89. 99 for 1 allotment. It ' s like a good deal, I brainwork as I had spent $100 on my previous computer to fix a minor problem.
 Neighboring completing all the formalities that didn ' t take more than 30 record, I was transferred to a specialist aspect. I explained whatever we had done or gone through. The scientific point, on the other side, then told me that he is taking remote control of my PC and will fix the issue as at once as possible. I chatted with my friend while the technician was scanning and fixing the problem. How easy it is, I understanding, I didn ' t have to fetch the laptop to the shop and wait there to get it back. Meanwhile, the technician was also informing me what was the problem ( my friend had installed a perverse driver and it also had corrupted during reinstallation ) and what he is doing to fix it.
 Within 25 organ, the technician fixed the problem and exit the remote control turnout ( that ' s what he said ) and asked me to play an audio file. I played a favorite song of mine and it sounded great. However, I wasn ' t sure, so I asked the technician to control on while I shutdown and rebooted my laptop. I heard the usual Windows sound when the laptop high on. It really made me feel happy. This experience has really overjoyed me and also made me be credulous that all the online tech support companies are not quack. There are companies like V tech - squad that have been doing an excellent task in delivering customer fulfilment.

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