GPRS Modem - Vehicle Management System

 GPRS modem can be used for remote wireless, machine to machine or user to machine and remote data communications. A GPS vehicle tracking system is an essential component of vehicle management system and vehicle management solutions.

 GPRS Modem

 A GPRS modem is a GSM modem that supports GPRS.
GPRS ( General Container Radio Service ) is a package switching technology for GSM networks. GPRS modems do not require a constant connection to the Internet as with a standard modem, because it uses the network only when there is data to be sent. GPRS offers faster data transmission and instant connections, subject to radio coverage. GPRS Modem fully enables desktop Internet applications over the mobile network. Other applications for GPRS Modems allow for file transfer and home automation. GPRS can be used in vehicle positioning applications to deliver several services like remote vehicle diagnostics and stolen vehicle tracking. To enable GPRS on a GSM network, two core modules need to be added:

 · The Gateway GPRS Service Knot ( GGSN )
 · The Serving GPRS Service Excrescence ( SGSN )

 Vehicle Management System

 A Vehicle Management System allows an organization to monitor and carry on its fleet of vehicles more effectively and efficiently. An operator can monitor vehicle movements, annex any vehicle ' s sequel and legalize that the vehicles are hike on predefined routes using vehicle Management Systems. On some vehicle Management Systems, the operators can also grant out radio communications, matter and stratum messages. So a powerful, two - way communications substance is created, enhancing the organization ' s performance and productivity.

 Benefits of a Vehicle Management System

 · Sharpened vehicle management
 · Considerable capital in time and cost
 · More useful two - way communications
 · Powwow productivity targets on time
 · Higher safety and security

 GPS Vehicle Tracking System

 A GPS vehicle tracking system is one of the important applications of GPS that brings it into the day - to - day lives of people. Cars, ambulances, fleets and police vehicles all around with tracking devices are a common sight. A GPS vehicle tracking system is an effective tool for caring the useable efficiency and utilization of vehicles. Irrespective of the technology used, this system is made of

 · In vehicle unit
 · Base station
 · Communication link

 Tracking systems enable a base station to keep pathway of the vehicles without the skirmish of the driver.

 GPS Locating

 GPS locating was a solution offered to the caller setting problem for users of cellular phones. GPS was predominantly used for navigation applications, for instance to guide ships and airplanes. At once, GPS - based locality services became popular. But GPS locating is not very effective because of the many obstructions that block the signal when using it on land. GPS always requires a clear line - of - sight to be effective.

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