Here's the Mole features of Dangerous

Mole (nevus pigmentosus) is a benign tumor on the skin is most common in humans. Benign tumours are typically dark-colored, the magnitude of the settled, although continues to grow.
Most of the mole there since birth, but could also recently appeared as adults. Generally are your triggers are often in contact with sunlight, so the impact on increasing the pigment melanin. Mole may also occur because of genetic factors, drugs bleach the skin, fast food, or of materials containing arsenic.
Mole is an indication of an already muffled buildup pigment under the skin, since the fetus. Pigment-pigment has a nest under the skin and can arise at any time. That is why the mole could multiply with increasing age.
"The Mole is generally not harmful, and usually only give rise to complaints of kosmetis, although it can also be transformed into a cancer," said Dr. H. Tjut Nurul Alam Jacoeb, Sp.KK. to find out whether or not harm can be done Mole screening with melode ABCD.
* A (Asymmetris). Mole vang is cancer tend to have an irregular shape. Normal Mole rounded shape.
* B (Border). The Mole has cancer or suburb boundary, the jagged edges of nostalgia and sometimes caused a bulge in the middle of the Mole. On a normal Mole surface edges tend to be, and no bulge.
* C (Colour). Mole diverse colors such as Brown, red, white, blue, and black often mark the Mole is cancer rather than a single color. "Beware if you have a Mole with the colors are not homogeneous, it could be that the symptoms of cancer," he said.
* D (Diameter). The Mole is the cancer usually has a size larger than the benign. The mole in size steadily up to malicious has a diameter of more than 6 millimeters.
Mole who are at risk of cancer should be treated immediately before metastatis or spread to other body parts. The only way dispose of mole is by way of operation.
"There are times when people ask for a piece of shit lalatnya was appointed to the benefit of kosmetis or less good fengshui. Legitimate it anyway, but if it does not give rise to the complaint should not be eliminated, "he said.

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