Age of the Right to marry

 The marriage will become stronger and lasting when two people are tied in this sacred bond has gone through a certain age. A recent study found that the marriage will tend to be more lasting, when someone is married, has passed the age of 25.
The following are some of the reason.
1. education
According to the author of Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great, Terri Orbuch, the higher the education level of a woman while married, it will be the lower the chances to get divorced.Women with higher education are more confident and keep your commitments with his wife.
2. the money
Most women are able to sustain themselves in their mid twenties.

 Financial control of the budget since the Bachelorette help avoid financial problems. Money is one of the main causes of bickering couple.The age of 25 shows responsibility and conflict resolution are important, to maintain long term relationships.
3. experience
Early twenties is the search for identity. Mental maturity would be the more mature if as individuals we are free to pursue career choices, travel to various places, and be independent. It obviously cannot be done by someone who is already married. Sometimes we forget our identity when it has started a relationship. Many couples divorced, because of limited life experience as well as emotional immaturity.
So before marriage think and select the first your spouse so lasting.

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