WOOW..Japan Nge-Astronaut tweets from space

Tokyo: an Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa Japan reveals itself in a State of ill tweet message first through his Twitter networking website while in outer space. He wrote that he had drunk while on board the plane at the international space station.

As reported by NHK, Wednesday (16/6), Furukawa and two other astronauts arrived at the station on Friday, weeks ago. They were transported to the Soyuz spacecraft that slide since Russia 8 June administrations.Later, Furukawa posting his message via Twitter from the station on Tuesday Japan time.

He wrote: "the movement of the space shuttle made me drunk. Especially when I move my head suddenly. I really felt sick. My head feels heavy. Please! "

Furukawa, who is a medical doctor, also said that symptoms do not cause problems. The problem about two-thirds of the experience of the first flight into space just experiencing a hangover while. He said from the point of view of a doctor, the symptoms that are considered as a process of adaptation of the brain to weights.

Furukawa will live and work in the space station for five months. He was planning on doing various scientific experiments by using his own body.

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