Laughing is good for the brain

When we find something funny, our brain necessarily beaming aka brilliant like our face. More funny jokes then more activity in the reward centers that control center or specific neurons that make the feeling of being happy and satisfied.

Experts believe laughter can help determine whether the patient in the circumstances positive emotions are experienced. To that end, the volunteer team of scientists to compare the brain scan of what happens when they hear the regular expressions and jokes, Thursday (29/6).

And the result reward center ' lit up ' more in response to humor. The strength of response also depends on how funny the jokes that according to the assessment of the 12 patients.

Researcher Dr. Matt Davis, of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at Cambridge, saying: "we found a characteristic pattern of brain activity when a joke using puns.

Word games will involve areas of the brain to process the language more than the joke that doesn't involve wordplay.

The mapping is also performed to find out how the brain processes language jokes and how to contribute to the pleasure of listening to jokes. "We can use this as a benchmark to understand how people who can't communicate normally react to a joke".

Study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, can help doctors reach the brain injury patient. It also can help people with emotional problems.

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