Courting Make Women So Unhealthy

The phrase then fell in love with the world seemed to belong to both of you seem to do best describes a pair of middle memadu you sejoli. But, did you know if a relationship like this quite cordial can be unhealthy for women?

Genius Beauty proclaim, Friday (27/5), the physical health of women turned out to be very bad experience influenced their past relationship. It is based on research conducted the University of Chicago, United States, against 1,500 women of different ages. Research shows almost 98 per cent of women have proper reasons to feel offended by their ex-girlfriends.

It gets worse again, in 70 per cent of cases, the respondents are women who have a complaint or resentment will experience health problems. Most of them suffering from heart disease, ulcer pain, and chronic pain. In some cases, anger is often perceived as we hurt. But one thing is certain, if too long landfilled that precisely affect health and bad relationships.

The research also showed about 70 percent of the correspondent was offended and 38 percent were unable to forgive their former lover. Meanwhile, 32 percent of the remainder having arguments with friends or relatives while complaining about some situations.

Experts recommend to try and cope with negative emotions. However, if someone can't fight the emotions of it, it is expected he will have to consult to a psychologist. "Guess I'm sorry, sincere, and removing the emotion not only improve the quality of life, but also a person's physical health," said Alex Likerman, Chairman of the research.

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