Juvenile Delinquency Or Parental Delinquency

Lately the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency more widespread. Even this has been going on since the first. Experts analyze the problems that psychologists have always been inexhaustible. Juvenile delinquency, such as a black circle that never broke up. Connect connect from time to time, from time to time, from year to year and even from day to day is getting complicated. The problem is the problem of adolescent acquaintances complex took place in various cities
in Indonesia.
 In line with the modernization and technology that is increasingly developed, then the current relationships between the major cities and regions more smoothly, quickly and easily. The world of technology is increasingly sophisticated, as well as make it easier in knowing a variety of information on a variety of media, on the other hand also brought a negative impact on a fairly widespread in many walks of life.

Juvenile delinquency is usually performed by teens-teens who failed to go through his mental development processes, both at the time of adolescence or childhood. Childhood and adolescence lasted so briefly, with the development of physical, psychological, and emotional so quickly. Psychologically, juvenile delinquency is a manifestation of the conflicts are not resolved with both in childhood and Adolescence of the culprit.Often found that there is trauma in her past, and harsh treatment of his surroundings, unpleasant or trauma to the conditions of its environment, such as the economic conditions that made her feel inferior.
Tackling juvenile delinquency, means to re-arrange the emotions of teenagers were being torn apart.Emotions and feelings they are damaged due to feel rejected by their families, parents, friends, and their surroundings since childhood, and the failure of the process of development of the soul of youth culture.Trauma-trauma in his life must be resolved, the psychological conflicts that hangs to be completed, and they should be given an environment that is different from the previous environment. Question: who is that all? Parents? While parents are getting too giddy thinking of problems of employment and other living expenses. His brother? They also have a problem on its own, even perhaps they also have the same problem. Government-? Or whom? Not easy to answer it. However, providing a good environment early on, accompanied by an understanding would be the development of our children well, will help reduce juvenile delinquency. At least not increase the number of cases that exist. " (source Whandi.net/jan 1, 1970).
Juvenile delinquency, is one of the children? or parents? As it turns out that many parents are not able to act as a parent should be. They only provide the material and the means and facilities for the child without thinking of her inner needs. Parents also often demand a lot of things but forgot to provide a good example for the child. Actually we're forgetting something when talking about the problem of juvenile delinquency, i.e. the law of causality. Because of the delinquency of a juvenile is always to be crystallized into environmental external factors are rarely looked at the nearest factor of the youth environment in this parent. We have always argued that many cases of juvenile delinquency occurs due to neighbourhood Association which is less good, such as the influence of the friend is not correct, the influence of mass media, to the weak faith of the person.
When we talk about faith, we care about the value and usually forget something, namely the influence of parents. Parental upbringing was wrong it could have been the main factors of the onset of delinquency sosiopsikologis in a teenager. Moreover, if the negative case attacked the teen parents, such as adultery, divorce, and the Division of property. Maybe we need to take a new term, parental delinquency.
Parents often forget that his behavior resulted in her children. Because life does not escape the cheating behavior. It could be because there is clarity of behavior that leads to an error, so that one becomes a habit. The parents do not expect children to be good, if the parents themselves have not been good. In fact the conscience of generasai would like to urge the never teach us affair, don't teach us talk dirty, dishonest, lazy, lazy learning man, too loved and forgotten treasures to the creator, i.e. God.
This paper tries to invite thoughtful for the parents, that delinquency is not always synonymous with adolescents, but quite a lot of mischief committed by parents (at home, in society, and in the Government) who eventually also became the inspiration for teenagers to do mischief.

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