Off stress with Laughter Therapy

A glass of liqueur, great burgers with a plate of fries or a cigarette might be slightly off taste Your tired.However, remember the bad effects to your body. So, no need to bother to ward off stress. Therapy of laughter is the key.

Therapeutic laughter or laughing yoga is a great way to drive away the stress. Therapy that was discovered by a doctor from India has a myriad of benefits for the health of the body. This therapy can prevent diabetes type two attacks or high blood pressure usually comes when we stress stricken Central.

A research conducted by experts at the American Physiological Society, has recently been found laughter can produce endorphin hormone cortisol and stopping production in the body. A combination of both of these effects can reduce a variety of pain and distress caused by stress.

Other research has found another good effect of this fun expressions. Laugh for a minute burn calories is the equivalent of ten minutes of rowing.

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