Sunbathing 3 hour Lower Breast cancer risk

The ill effects of exposure to sunlight for too long made many women are afraid to do it. Who would have thought, sunbathing during the three hours it lowers the risk of dangerous diseases such as breast cancer.How come?
Maybe during this You feel free to continue the habit of basking in the Sun. It turns out, the custom is still safe if you do three hours in a day. Based on recent studies, the body that are exposed to direct sunlight for three hours a day can lower the risk of breast cancer by up to 50 percent.
Research conducted on breast cancer sufferers and 2,739 2,679 healthy women in Canada it was found that the routine basking can produce chemically strong anticancer by stimulating the production of vitamin D in the skin. Research in the laboratory found that breast cells can alter vitamin D hormone which acts as the anticancer.
The results as published to the American Journal of Epidemiology pointed out, the woman who was exposed to the Sun at least 21 hours a week during adolescence can reduce cancer risk by up to 29 percent rather than those who bask in under an hour for a day.
Meanwhile researchers add this study works equally well for men. The more frequent sunbathing, then the less risk of heart disease and stroke.

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